Ixora Carrier Board USB 3.0

Can you please tell me if both USB 3.0 on the Carriar board (Ixora Carrier Board) are using the same bus or there are two separate buses for each USB 3.0 port ?

Ixora is actually only a carrier board and as such just routes them signals from those two USB 3.0 receptacle to resp. pins on the MXM3 connector. So how that comes down to buses and such is an implementation detail of resp. module you plan on plugging into Ixora. At the current time the only module actually supporting USB 3.0 out-of-the-box is Apalis TK1. On Apalis TK1 both USB 3.0 ports are realised off separate XHCI controllers. Please note however that using our downstream BSP currently only the USBH4 port is supported at USB 3.0 speeds. Alternatively you may run our mainline Linux kernel based BSP which supports both. Have a look at the following ticket for more information.