Ixora carrier board /Can ODB2 Adapter

Hello Toradex Team,

I would like to connect an Ixora board/i.MX6 Apalis via the Can header X20 to ODB2 connector of a car, do you have any sugestion about cable/adapter to be used ? do I need a Can tranceiver for that purpose ?

Thank you

Hi @embexus!

The Ixora Carrier Board already features a CAN transceiver (the Microchip ADM3053BRWZ), so the CAN_L and CAN_H signals are already available on the X20 header.

You can connect the CAN_H and CAN_L signals directly from the board to your OBD2 using, e.g., jumper wires. Since there’s no standard for this type of connector, you might want to build a custom connector of some sort, with a female pin connector on the Ixora end and an OBD2 compatible connector on the other end.