It is possible to use a 24V level converter for the Ixora Carrier Board v1.2?

For my application I need to add 6 channel 24V GPIO to the Ixora Carrier Board. I was thinking to use a MOSFET level converter with a device supporting until 60v drain to source voltage. Any suggestion?

Hello ManuelRiot,

there are three things to consider.

  1. Isolation: Often for Industrial application the bare level shifting is not enough over these IOs need to be galvanic isolated. e.g. via opto coupler or other means. You can check our article here and see how isolation of the circuits is done.
  2. Level shifting: If you new to this topic there are ICs from several vendors that build all in one Industrial IO converters that can drive loads and are protected. e.g. check here.
  3. Back feeding: If you power up a SOM module you should take care that there is no external peripheral back feeding into the SOM when it is not powered up yet. So make sure the if you have Inputs from the outside that you can make sure that they are not feeding into the module when the module is powered down. e.g by usinf a buffer that can be switched of when the SOM is switch of via the Enable MOCI signal.

Best Regards,

Matthias Gohlke