Issue with SD card on Apalis TK1 V1.0 B


I can’t detect SD card on Apalis TK1 V1.0 B.

I read Errata and found the solution but I don’t know how do this:

Instead use a polling function for detecting the insertion of a card. The Toradex Linux BSP has implemented this polling function.

Which file should I change, and which function should I use?

Help me fix it please.

Thank you!

It’s been fixed in V1.1A, and the software was adjusted accordingly. To use our latest software on 1.0 boards you’ll need to revert this commit and define APALIS_TK1_V10 when building the kernel.
HW revision 1.1 also fixes few other issues e.g. high power consumption, and I’d recommend to switch if possible.

Thank you! It work!