Issue with Capacitive Touch Display 7 Inch Parallel on Colibri Evaluation Board


I follow the the instruction from and to use the Capacitive Touch Display 7 Inch Parallel on the Colibri Evaluation Board V3.2B.

The Display works, but the Touch not :frowning:

The Capacitive Touch Adapter datasheet say:

  • X1, Pin 4: TOUCH_INT# <-> SODIMM_28
  • X1, Pin 5: TOUCH_RESET# <-> SODIMM_30

But the registry setting say

  • X1, Pin 4: TOUCH_INT# <-> SODIMM_133
  • X1, Pin 5: TOUCH_RESET# <-> SODIMM_127

If I change the wiring or the registry it work :slight_smile:

Hi @Angelo,

Thank you for sharing the details.

PCAP adapter is an intermediate product, as Capacitive Touch Connector is not available on all the Toradex carrier boards. Currently Aster V1.1 (Colibri) and Ixora V1.1 (Apalis) carrier board features Capacitive Touch Connector. We will be adding Capacitive Touch Connector on other carrier boards in future.

We have recommended to use SODIMM_28 and SODIMM_30 in the PCAP adapter datasheet because this two pins are available on all carrier board and recommended in following Toradex article:

Ideally, one can freely wire any GPIO (for RESET and INTERRUPT signal) and updating the registry to use the wired GPIO signals.

Thanks again

Best Regards,
Satyan Raj