Issue with accessing camera in WebRTC while running container on Torizon

I’m currently facing an issue with running WebRTC on the server as headless chromium. I’m trying to run the following command to access the camera:

docker run -eMACHINE -d --rm --name=chromium

-v /tmp:/tmp -v /var/run/dbus:/var/run/dbus

-v /dev/galcore:/dev/galcore --device-cgroup-rule=‘c 199:* rmw’

–device /dev/video2

–security-opt seccomp=unconfined --shm-size 256mb










–alsa-output-device=alsa_output.platform-sound.analog-stereo https:///?BOT_KUM

Unfortunately, I’m unable to access the camera from this command. Can you please suggest a solution to this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Greetings @Adwaith,

What exactly is the issue you are experiencing? You didn’t share any error messages, or logs, or anything.

Though as an initial suggestion I see you are using our chromium container as is. Did you install the needed gstreamer packages before trying to access your camera? This container doesn’t have gstreamer by default.

Best Regards,

Hi @Adwaith,

We are closing this ticket as you are able to get stream using webrtc with chromium_108.0.5359.94-1~deb11u1_arm64.deb.

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar