Issue deploying VC++ project to a Colibri iMX7D eval board in Visual Studio 2013

I have followed the instructions in
Application Debugging Over Ethernet Using Visual Studio
in setting up the Ethernet connection to the board as follows:

  1. Ran the debugger client on the target board. Captured the IP address from the message displayed
  2. Configured the IP address in the Visual Studio project (project->Properties. Under Configuration Properties, select Debugging. Inserted the target IP Address.
  3. Since the target already has the debug tools I did not copy them the PC to the target. I did notice though that all the debug files in the target did not have the ‘3’ appended to the filenames as in the PC. I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.
  4. In the target, opened a command prompt, typed conmanclient.
  5. In the target , opened a 2nd command prompt, type cmaccept.
  6. In the host PC, started the debug session (Debug->Start Debugging) within 3 minutes after running cmaccept in the target.

At this point, Visual Studio just hangs. I am aware that this seems to be the response if the IP address is not configured in advance in the project. I have repeated the steps above several times but still no luck.

Dear @aviomed

  • First make sure that there is WEC2013 installed on the module (VS2013 does not work together with WEC7)
  • On recent images, the device side setup is easier:
    Simply select [START]ProgramsColibriToolsStart debugger client
    This will do the conmanclient / cmaccept and keep it alive for more than 3 minutes. It will also show the IP in a dialog as well as in the debug output.
    Or you can put a link to * \Windows\VSDebugger.exe* in any AutoRun folder to automate this process
  • Do the setup on the PC side as before.

Best Regards