Issue building webengine dunfell

I build the tdx-reference-minimal image with poky DISTRO (without wayland and x11).
When I add the qtwebengine package, It seems webengine requires meta-python2 to be present.
(works well with an imx7 and toradex BSP 3.0).
When I add meta-python2 recipe, It seems these layers are not compatible with dunfell.
How could I add the webengine on poky distro image without wayland and x11 ?

I use

  • Dunfell lastest toradex BSP 5
  • Colibri Imx6ull 512MB WB IT machine
  • Colibri evaluation Eval v3


Hi @bs.tx ,

there is a version of the meta-python2 layer for dunfell.

You can find it here: Meta-python2 Dunfell

Could you try it and let me now if you succeeded?

Best Regards

Hi Kevin,

Many thanks for the link to the meta-python2.
It works (after a long long compilation/build time -:slight_smile:

Many thanks to you and have a nice day,

Hi @bs.tx and @kevin.tx

What are the steps we need to follow for including python2 required for qtwebengine.

I could clone but after that what do we do to make sure the meta-python2 is compiled and moreover it is only use for qtwebengine.

Did you enable python3 in the build/image as well ?
If yes, did you face any conflict between using python3 and python2 in the same build ?

Thanks in Advance

Just cloning the meta-python2 helped.
As “BBFILE_COLLECTIONS” now has “meta-python2” (after cloning and adding the same in the bblayers.conf.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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