Issue 20303 fix

Currently issue 20303, Colibri monitor returns wrong (high) value for CPU usage is marked as Not Planned for a fix in any of the upcoming releases. Are there any plans to fix this in the future as it would be a useful tool to help monitor CPU load tests.

We will discuss this issue with the team again. As far as I remember it was not too easy to fix, and since we didn’t have any request for it we put it to the “not planned” list. We will check the details again and get back to you by end of the week.

The underlying problem is related to the WinCE kernel on iMX6 which doesn’t return the right idle time. This issue isn’t easily fixable. We will update our description for Issue 20303 to be more precise. We will improve the situation on the Colibri Monitor side. Instead of reading the get idle time from the kernel, we will sum all process times from all active processes. We planned this for Q1 2017. As an immediate workaround you can use Colibri Monitor and just look at the processes tab and sum-up the mentioned CPU usage per process.

Okay, thanks for the clarification and the workaround suggestion. Greatly appreciated!