Isolate select different directory than /etc

When customizing the images as in TorizonCore Builder Tool - Customizing TorizonCore Images | Toradex Developer Center
We would like to be able to isolate the changes made in the /var or /usr directory as well.
For us we have to create some files there that are essential for the working of the docker containers in our application. However with the current infrastructure we can only store the changes in the /etc directory.
Capturing Changes in the Configuration of a Board on TorizonCore | Toradex Developer Center

Another parameter that defaults to /etc if not set would be great!
This way we can create severy directories of changes (changes_etc, changes_var, changes_usr) that could be included into the image and then sent of to production.
Otherwise every device has to be opened and modified.

Thank you for the consideration!

Hi @busssard

I’m not sure how you are making changes on the device to the /usr directory as it is readonly as a requirement of OSTree.

That said, you can add extra files into /usr using torizoncore-builder but not using isolate. You can just manually add the files into a changes directory that you include in a custom image with bundle or build. Basically, instead of creating the files on the device and then using isolate to bring them back to your development system, just create them directly in the development system under something like changes/usr/bin.

‘/var’ is a different story though because it is completely unmanaged by OSTree so there is no means that I am aware of to have OSTree deliver files there. Can you store them somewhere else in the filesystem and then either copy them or symlink them to the location in /var at runtime?


You can find more details about why we (and OSTree) do things this way at these links: