Is/Will there be CAN FD Support on Apalis T30


do you already have some Solutions for CAN FD communication?
In General MCP2517FD looks promising.

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We currently don’t have any solution for CAN FD. The datasheet of the chip you attached looks a viable way for an on-carrier-board solution. I assume there are Linux drivers for it, but probably no WinCE drivers. We currently don’t have any plans to change the CAN solution used on our Apalis T30 module.
By the way, our new Apalis iMX8 QuadMax which will be available in the second half of 2018 will support CAN FD according to the specification. We didn’t test it yet though.

Thank you for your Answer. To sad the iMX8 will not support Windows CE and it also still has no roadmap or releasedate :frowning:

@Stefan.P, we will have samples of the Apalis iMX8 QuadMax probably around Q3 2018. The dates are not exactly clear yet. There is no WinCE planned at the moment, you are right. If you are interested in this product anyway, please sign-up for updates on the bottom of the product page of Apalis iMX8:

Or contact us anyway via our sales channels if you are interested in this product to see how we could support you even further on this product.

@roman.tx : Thank you for your Informations. Is there any chance that Toradex will consider to support Windows CE 7 or 2013 on the IMX8? Or will there be a Apalis T40 somewhere in the Future?

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@Stefan.P, at the moment we don’t have any plans for WinCE on i.MX 8 based products. However, if you are heavily interested, please contact your local Toradex sales contact and let them know the details about your project. We can then collect this and see if it would be a good business case for us.
We will develop further products on the Colibri and Apalis family, but not a T40 or similar. If you have any special requirements which cannot be met by any of our current products, please also get in contact with our sales so we can collect this feedback.
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@roman.tx : Thank you. I Just filled the contact form.

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