Is Verdin dedicated to new architectures only?

I see that for new iMX8 architecture, a new form factor “Verdin” has born.

Toradex products are great for several reasons, and one of them is that you can change architecture on the same form factor (with some limits, I know).

For this reason I wonder if Verdin is for new platforms only (iMX8 and future) or if soon or later we will see iMX7 Verdin modules.

Thanks in advance.

Can I ask a question - why are you looking for Virding iMX7? Expecting a lower price than iMX 8M or something else? The Verdin iMX8M Mini DualLite 1GB has a price lower than similar SKU Colibri iMX7 but better performance.

Hi @alex.tx
I’d like having the possibility to up and/or down scale module inside same form factor.

Moreover, based on your answer here I understood that for Colibri family MX7 is cheaper than MX8.

Hello Vix,

I think it is best to first select your SOM for the best technological fit for your product.
The Verdin family is a family that will grow for sure. The colibri Module standard is already existing more than 15 Years and we just extended that Colibri family with a new module IMX8X.
Also, many new technologies and interfaces have been invented in the last 15 years. so the verdin considers them.

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Yes Colibri family MX7 is cheaper than iMX8 but not cheaper than iMX8M. Prices for all current modules are available on our website -