Is Toradex still supporting Mender?


one year ago we evaluated some solutions for device update (RAUC, SWupdate, Torizon, Mender). We chose Mender because it has all the features we need and Toradex supports it for the Verdin iMX8MM.

Is this still true?
I’m stuck to BSP6.2 because this is the latest BSP being supported in the meta-mender-community layer.

What are Toradex’ plans for the future with Mender?

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Sure, though we offer an inhouse Torizon Remote Updates you can use mender on Toradex based system. Please refer to those resources:

Hi @Mowlwurf ,

Following up on what my colleague said here. It is not that we do not support it, its that we may release a new BSP in a best effort manner, or if say someone else updates it.

I do not recall discussing our Torizon Cloud solution with you but if there was opportunity to revisit the topic I would be interested in hearing more about your needs and if Torizon Cloud could meet them especially knowing what I know, which is how many features and capabilities have been added in the last year, even in the last months.

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Hello @michael.tx ,

thank You very much for your feedback.

We had a presentation of Torizon and its remote update on 06.07.2022 organized by @andi.tx, the Technical Sales Engineer for our region.

As I said, I had looked at Torizon’s update solution again about a year ago. However, Mender is better suited to our application, so we opted for it and would do so again.

I will be at this year’s Embedded World on April 9th. Perhaps a meeting will be possible so that we can go into more detail.

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