Is there any way to test if my USB peripheral is broken

I believe during testing of our internal carrier board that my USB peripheral may have been completely blown.

Using a scope I see no activity on the USB DP/USB DM lines. All other lines on the chip appear to be identical logical levels to a known good board using the colibri carrier board.

I’ve tested both with the torizon stock image. The board with the non working USB peripheral never detects the mouse or keyboard when plugged into the Colibri Carrier V3.2 board so I must connect over VNC to actually perform the download.

Any ideas as to what may have caused this or if there are any ways to test the functionality.

The boards in use are the Colibri imx8x.

Hi @egbio,

Which chip are you using? Was it working before?

Not seeing data being exchanged means probably your chip just died. If you use an oscilloscope, as soon as you connect a USB device, you should see the data being exchanged between the USB device and the Linux Kernel.
A good way to debug is to check your dmesg logs on Linux. If it’s working right, you’ll see all kernel logs regarding your USB device. You can also use lsusb to check for all USBs that are connected.

Hard to say what caused this issue. Perhaps you connected some device that required more power than the chip can provide?

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