Is there any way to choose a processor for each thread

Im working on a code designed to have multiple threads accessing multiple sensors on a NAVIO2 Board connected through the x20 extension connector. Each sensor has its own thread reading the current value and one extra thread that captures the last values from each thread and logs it. I would like to know if theres any way to assign cores to these threads since Im working with IMX7Dual which has two main cores of 1.0GHz and a Single Cortex M4 (200MHz) core.
The code is being developed in C++ and its an adaptation of the code developed for Raspberry Pi available here:

hi @iagosilvestre

Generally in Linux you can set the affinity of a thread to bind it to a CPU Core as discussed here.

Actually iMX7 has two ARM cores and a M4 Core. You can run Linux on the ARM Cores and a RTOS on M4. All the peripherals are shared by ARM cores and M4 Core. Please read the following Article to get a good understanding the Architecture of iMX7.

It is important for you to know when writing/adapting an Application for iMX7, which Part should be absolutely in real time or which part not.

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But whenever i type in cat /proc/cpuinfo it only shows 2 processors with very similar info which i suspect to be the two ARM Cores, how can I use the RTOS on M4 then.1347-processors.png

M4 core is not directly accessible from a Linux. Please check this article -