Is there any DSI to RGB adapter supported in BSP Linux for Veridn Imx8mm?

We are working with:

Verdin IMX8MM DL 1GB
Custom Board
Torizon Core 5.7

And we want to connect a RGB display, so we need a bridge adpater DSI to RGB.

On the verdin carrier board design guide, there is a reference schematic with toshiba adapter TC358867XBG, my question is, is this adapter supported in the kernel for verdin?


Greetings @rmendez,

Looking at the kernel source here: bridge « drm « gpu « drivers - linux-toradex.git - Linux kernel for Apalis, Colibri and Verdin modules

I don’t see a driver for this IC. Also you can see all the drivers available for various bridge ICs here as well.

Perhaps the manufacturer, has an out of tree driver available for this. Let me ask our team if they have any further information on this IC since at one point we were looking at this. Though we didn’t get too far in terms of integration.

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