Is there an old version download link?

I need BSP for a specific version of image I downloaded some time ago.
The problem is that the older BSP I have crashes alot, which appear a network related driver, while a newer version of BSP is very slow on GUI performance, GUI animations being stepped visible.
I need BSP version 1.2 beta 2, if anyone has it, of if there is a link to it.
The image for 1.2 beta 2 works great, but it is hard to customize the image for our need, after we use original image, so we need to create the image ourself to setup all that’s needed.

We changed some things on the backend on our website, I’ll check if I can provide you a download link for that version, it may need a few days.
Can you also describe what kind of issues are you experiencing? We had to change the display driver massively to support multi-screen and other features, we had to disable some graphic acceleration and we know that it may impact some operations (mostly if they involve transparencies), but knowing your specific issues we may find a workaround to let you use our most recent releases.

P.S. is better if you open a new thread for graphic performances issue, so we can keep this one about downloading old releases. In this way people searching our community will get more useful results.

We were able to isolate the main reason for the system crashes (system lockups), to be the network related driver, enet.dll, from BSP 1.1B2. Only substituting the files related to that dll, from a newer BSP(1.2B4), seems to fix most of the system crashes. It still crashes with a dll from Visual Studio deploy driver (edm2.exe), but this happen less, and it will probably not impact the final build. Our application is not directly using network, but indirectly for time setup utility.
Still, if you find the original BSP for image 1.2B2, that would be great.

I think somewhere between 1.2B2 and 1.2B4, the graphical performance was reduced drastically. And this moment appears to be along with removing “process id : thread id” information from console debug output, which is a pity, since that information really help us to identify the real process that cause the crash, when the crash happen thru the system’s dlls.

1.2b2 BSP is the same as 1.1 release, we changed the bootloader to support the new easy installer and 2 stage loader (SPL and eboot.spl).
You can use 1.1BSP that, as other stable releases, should be downloadable from the website.
We are working on improving graphic performances, we had to disable some features in the new image because the old display driver has quite some issues and can’t support dual screen in a good way.
Graphic acceleration should be back in the 1.4 beta release cycle.

We used 1.2b2 image and it is stable comparing to the image we build from BSP 1.1b2. 1.1b2 crashes many times in one development day. There is no doubt that 1.2b2 image is better, at least under development evironment. At least three other developers, that work on the same project, notice that. Is there a BSP 1.1 version after 1.1b2?
We definately want to try the graphic accelerated release, since that is the main reason we are stuck with on old version. The other reason was, that 1.2b2 seems to be more stable that recent release we tested, even if the recent release was more stable than 1.1b2.

@core, you can try the link below. I cannot guarantee that it works when not having certain access rights though:
But as Valter said above, it would be better to use the release V1.1 (not V1.1b4!) V1.1 is a stable release and pretty much the same as V1.2b2. Did you try V1.1 BSP?

Usually, our release cycle goes through multiple betas and only those with even number are public (so you have b2,b4 etc.). The last beta is then moved (sometimes with minor fixes) to stable release when we don’t have mayor open bugs. This means that 1.1 come after all the 1.1b* releases.
1.2b2 was a bit different because it’s actually 1.1 release with just a different bootloader. Since we did not manage to fully test that before releasing our Easy Installer (that required the new loader) we released 1.1 (stable) image with old bootloader and also 1.2b2 with the new one more or less at the same time. This is why we never released binary BSP for that version. The CE components are 100% the same as in 1.1 release.

I tried the BSP from your first download link, and it is crashing on boot time. Never happen this before with BSP I had. The second link has only image archives, not BSP archives.
Here is the log:
Launching image at 10200000.

Toradex Windows CE 7.0 1.3b4
 for iMX6 Built on Jan 10 2018
Colibri iMX6 DualLite 512MB
Wait mode Disabled
SMP support enabled
CPU0 started
CPU1 started
Registry is empty.
Registry loaded.
Registry will be cleared.
ARM DVFS threshold: 396000000MHz 1150mV
ARM DVFS threshold: 792000000MHz 1175mV
ARM DVFS threshold: 996000000MHz 1250mV
SOC DVFS threshold: 396000000MHz 1175mV
SOC DVFS threshold: 792000000MHz 1175mV
SOC DVFS threshold: 996000000MHz 1175mV
Loading GPIO Multiplexer...
Done GPIO Multiplexer
Loading Clock...
DVFS not enabled.
Done Clock
Loading SD Bus...
Done SD Bus
Loading SPI1...
Done SPI1
Loading SPI2...
Multiplexing must be specified for non standard SPI port.
Done SPI2
Loading eMMC...
Done eMMC
Loading UARTA...
Port is used for OS debug! 
Loading UARTC...
Loading I2C1...
Done I2C1
Loading I2C2...
Done I2C2
Loading UARTB...
Loading Audio...
Done Audio
Waiting for flash disk \FlashDisk for 300 seconds
Folder mounted
Loading USB Host Controller...
Done USB Host Controller
Loading Ethernet...
Ethernet: Disconnected 
Done Ethernet
Loading SD card...
Done SD card
Loading external SD interface...
Done external SD interface
Loading DHCP v4...
Done DHCP v4
Loading HDCP v6...
Done HDCP v6
Loading USB OTG...
Ethernet: Connected at:  100Mbps full duplex
Loading USB OTG Host...
Done USB OTG Host
Loading 2D/3D Graphic Accelerator...
GALCORE 4.6.9(9754) (Oct  1 2013 11:00:31)
Major GPU: SysIntr=30 MemBases=0x130000 MMU Version=0
2D GPU: SysIntr=31 MemBases=0x134000 MMU Version=0
VG GPU: SysIntr=32 MemBases=0x2204000
Video memory: BaseAddress=0x0 PhysBase=0x1b240000 size=0x3000000 physSize=0x0
Done 2D/3D Graphic Accelerator
ERROR: function @ Ordinal 715 missing
!!! Please Check your SYSGEN variable !!!
Exception 'Data Abort' (0x4): Thread-Id=042b0002(pth=af87b48c), Proc-Id=00400002(pprc=830595e0) 'NK.EXE', VM-active=019e001a(pprc=af8148c0) 'udevice.exe'
PC=efda2650(gwes.dll+0x00062650) RA=00000090(???+0x00000090) SP=c224fdc0, BVA=0000010c

this is BSP 1.3b4, seems that our download links always point back to the latest release.
Can you try to go here:

Toradex Documents - iMX6 WinCE7 BSP

you should see a download link for the 1.1 revision of the BSP.

You can now access a list of old releases also on our main download page:

iMX6 WEC Software | Toradex Developer Center

Thank you for the link to v1.1 BSP. This one appear to work ok, video performance is good. There is one small problem, that DeviceName is not set to “Colibri” as the BSP I got, so being “WindowsCE”, Windows Mobile Device Center does not see the connection. Once I changed the device name and saved to registry, the connection appeared ok.
I need to do some additional tests to see how stable is this one.

So far it is good, no crashes on image build with BSP 1.1. Thank you.