Is there a way to get console messages through Ethernet or WiFi

I am looking for some way if we can get console messages over internet as once board is installed in product I do not have access to UART0.
but I have USB WiFi connected. Please help me on this if there are any hardware changes needed or just making some config change can redirect UART0 to management port.

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You can use ssh to login the shell and access dmesg over the network.

Use VNC server to access the device shell remotely and view the dmesg file.

dmesg file will be available in /var/log alongwith other log files, if you know a method to access the root file system over the network then you can access dmesg file.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.

Hi @raja.tx
Thank you for the details.
Actually I am looking for console messages which we printf() and can see on UARTA at present.

Thank you for your reply.
I am able to ssh board using IP Address (WiFi) and launch my executable from there. so I can get all the printf messages.
ssh is already enabled, so my problem is solved.
Thank you.

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Hi @neeraj.verma

You can use the netconsole to log the kernel log messages to a another computer. If you are printing these messages using printf then you can also redirect them to another computer using MQTT.

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