Is there a way to avoid AutoRun on CE6?

I know how to use AutoRun folder to have some applications or batch files running at the boot.

I have an AutoRun folder in /FlashDisk and I know how to use another AutoRun folder od SD card to lauch other applications.

My application uses USB Mass Storage class (and so ActiveSync is not available) and I can’t access to AutoRun inside /FlashDisk. I can access to SD card only.

For debug purposes I need to avoid that some of the applications in /FlashDisk/AutoRun are launched.
Is there a way to do this using (as an example) another AutoRun folder on SD Card?

I saw this KB, but I can’t connect the keyboard and I can’t edit the registry.

Is there a way to be informed if the Launcher failes in some way?

I suspect some kind of timing issues between AutoCopy and AutoRun, but it’s difficult to debug.

The application worked for some months and suddenly it’s not started anymore.
A couple of times, deleting everything on the SD card helped, but most of the times nothing changes.

Any idea?

If you can’t connect a keyboard you can run a Remote Display and access registry from your desktop.

RemoteDisplay works either over ActiveSync or over ethernet.

But ActiveSync is not available (as I wrote above) and I don’t have ethernet.

I dismounted the Colibri module from my carrier board and mounted it on the Evaluation Board (where I can connect keyboard).

Perfect that it works. Thanks for the feedback.