Is there a way to activate early printk with iMX8 in menuconfig


I have now some problem when loading my kernel and I don t get any traces.

Uncompressing Kernel Image … OK
Loading Device Tree to 00000000fd64e000, end 00000000fd67a411 … OK

Starting kernel ...

To debug this problem I would like to activate the early printk as for the i.MX6

Menu config

[*] Kernel low-level debugging functions (read help!) x x
Kernel low-level debugging port (i.MX31 Debug UART) —>
(1) i.MX Debug UART Port Selection (NEW)
Early printk (NEW)

But I don t see it for i.MX8. Is there something new ?


Hi @Ludovic

Thanks for writing to the Toradex Community.

You need to use toradex_defconfig and enable the following configuration additionally:


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