Is there a reference design for the Intel I210 Ethernet Controller?

I need to add a second Gigabit-Ethernet Port on a custom carrier board for TK1 using a free PCIe lane.

There is a reference schematics for the Intel I210 in the Apalis Carrier Board Design Guide in section on page 18.

Unfortunately, the I210 schematics in this document is a bit outdated and does not contain some workarounds which are required according to erratas of the I210:

  • Place an 10k pull down resistor to the reset input (pin 17) in order to make sure that the reset is not rising before the supply is stable
  • Instead of pulling the SI_CLK_IN (pin 2) to ground, place 2.2uF capacitor to ground with a 10k pull up to the 3.3V rail. This RC element generates a rising edge at the clock input which slightly reduces the power consumption of the I210
  • Place a 10k pull down to the NVM_SI (pin 12) and a 10k pull up to 3.3V to the NVM_SO (pin 14) for a correct strapping for operation without an external flash device.