Is there a HCL for touchscreens with Apalis iMX8?

Is there a Hardware Compatibility List for which touchscreens can be used with Apalis iMX8?

Am I locked into buying the 10.1" LVDS display Toradex sells? or can I buy a HDMI touchscreen, for instance?

To be specific, I am interested in an answer as pertains to the touch input capability, not the display output.

Greetings @cb_cross,

We do have an ongoing list of hardware peripherals here:

As a note this list contains peripherals that are known to work as tested by either other customers or Toradex ourselves. Just cause hardware is not on this list doesn’t mean it’s not compatible, it just simply hasn’t been validated by anyone yet.

As for touch interfaces, other than the i2c based-touch that our displays use, we don’t guarantee the success of any other interface/driver. This just means outside of our own displays there may be some non-trivial effort to get 3rd party displays and their touch interfaces working.

As a side note though I personally have noticed that most displays with USB touch seem to “just work”. So for example most small HDMI displays with touch interface over USB “should” work.

But yeah outside of all that info, do you have any hard requirements about touch interface? Any hardware or software constraints?

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Thanks. However, the HCL you linked seems out of date. The only display in the list is a 7" LVDS display.
Thank you for the info that most HDMI/USB touch panels “just work”.

Well it’s more so the list is too new rather than out of date. We recently created this list so there’s not too much data of what works outside of our own proven hardware. Either way glad I could help provide some info. If you have a specific display/peripheral that doesn’t work feel free to create another question and we can see what can be done.

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