Is there a CHKDSK utility for Windows CE 6.0?

Our PXA320 device has an SD Card for working storage. The default file system is FAT. Is there a CHKDSK utility available so I can check the device SD Card?

The storage manager (Start->Settings->Control Panel->Storage Manager) provides such features. You would have to un-mount a partition and then under the partition properties select scan.
However, it is rather buggy. It might work if the disk settings are exactly as expected by the tool. However I don’t know what the expected settings are (sector size, etc.). So we don’t recommend using this tool.
If you just want to check if the SDCard is OK during your development, you should use a PC to test the card.

Thanks very much for answering. My problem is that I have devices located at multiple facilities. I need to remotely use “telnet” and execute a command (like chkdsk) that will detect if there are errors. I don’t need to correct the errors remotely.

My intent is to physically go get the device if an error is detected.

Having to dismount the SD Card while the system is operating is problematic.

I have to think on this.

You could use functions such as to do your own tool. But I’m not sure if that would be an option for you with your remote setup.