Is the capacitive touch adapter necessary for the Iris Carrier board?

Hello! I would like to use the iMX6ULL SoM with the Iris Carrier board and the capacitive touchscreen.

I’ve read here that it requires the touch screen adapter. However, looking at the carrier board’s datasheet I’ve seen that it already has a capacitive touch connector mounted (X5).

What is the purpose of the adapter in general?

Can’t the touch ribbon cable be connected directly to X5? Or is it possible to receive the Iris Carrier Board V1.1 instead of V2.0 after purchasing (I’ve seen that V1.1 does not have the X5 connector)? The same question for the Colibri Evaluation board.

Mentioned adapter is required for boards with no dedicated touch connector.
Most likely you can use X5 on Iris board with one exception - that connector has 4 signal lines SDI, SCL, TOUCH_INT, TOUCH_RESET while your display has one extra line - WAKE . If you OK to keep your touch controller waked you can just pull it ground. Otherwise you will need to use some GPIO line to control touch IC sleep state.

The display’s datasheet (at page 12) describes 4 signal lines, not 5 as you mentioned (I2C_SDA, I2C_SCL, INT and RESET).

The INT is described as “Wake up/Interrupt, equal to /CHG of Atmel MXT1066T2”. So, I guess this is the WAKE line you mentioned, am I right? (I guess you got confused with my other question). In this case, the adapter is not needed and it seems that the Toradex web page needs to be updated.

No, I mentioned WAKE signal listed on table 10.2 IF at display datasheet.

The WAKE signal is available for the display mentioned in my other post. This question is referring to the Toradex Capacitive display.

Toradex Capacitive Touch Display 7" Parallel can be connected directly to Iris Carrier Board V2.0A .

Adapter is require for previous version of Iris board (v1.1A)