Is Percepio Tracenalyzer compatible?


I would like to use the Traceanalyzer from Percepio. .

I was suggested to use a J-Link debugger

Does the J-link debugger work ? Has someone tried The Traceanalyzer from Percepio ?

Dear @arnaud_infoteam

I didn’t know Percepio, so I had a quick look at the link you provided.

If I got it right, Percepio is a software to analyze CPU trace data, which you collect through a JTAG/SWD/Trace debug hardware interface.
So you would need both, Percepio and a JTAG hardware interface (like Segger J-Link).

There’s a basic limitation on the debug interface we provide on the Colibri modules: Only the JTAG/SWD interface pins are accessible. To get the full trace information, additional tracing pins would be required.

So I recommend you clarify with Percepio what you can do with the limited trace information that can be brought out of the JTAG/SWD pins.

Regards, Andy

Thank you for the reply, I will clarify myself with Percepio !