Is it possible to use pin 45 as a wakeup source?

I would like to design a custom carrier board for the Colibri i.MX6ULL SoM. However, I found in the Carrier Board Design Guide, at p. 36, that pin 43, CTRL_WAKE_0, needs a pull-up resistor on the baseboard if wake function is used. But I am using pin 43 for the SD card detect function.

Also, the Colibri i.MX6ULL SoM’s datasheet specifies at p. 27, that any GPIO can be used as a wakeup source and recommends the use of pins 43 and 45 for compatibility with other modules. I prefer to use pin 45 as a wakeup source.

So, just to clarify, can I use pin 45 as a wakeup source? (In this case, I suggest updating the Carrier Board Design Guide)

Hello CristianM,

thank you for giving us that feedback. Indeed the two guides seem to be contradictory.
I will check internally where the mistake is.

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Thank you. I will wait for your response.

Hello Cristian M,

The colibri modules which are IMX SOC base allow the use of all GPIOs to be wake pins.
Nvidia based colibri module have some limitation on which pins can be used as wake pin…

This is why we can only guarantee the wake functionality of the whole colibri module family on pin 43.
Since you are using the IMX6ULL you can also use the Pin 45. But if you would decide e.g. to use an Nvidia colibri in you carrier only pin 43 would be supported as wake pin.
The chance is very high that also future colibri modules that might come out in the future also support the pin 45 as wake pin.

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Thank you for the clarification.

You are welcome.