Is it possible to configure the HDMI refresh rate to 50Hz?

We have a monitor connected to the Colibri T30 via HDMI within our system. The monitor should be able to use 50 or 60Hz refresh rate. For EMC reasons we want to configure it to be 50Hz and not 60Hz.

We are using WinCE 7. Is there a way of doing this (e.g. by registry settings)?


You can try to set the RefreshRate key in [HKLM\Software\Nvidia Corporation\NVDDI]. Provide the rate in Hz (for example 60 for 60 Hz).

The driver matains a list of supported settings. If looks for the settup with the closest match between Resolution and RefreshRate. If there is an entry with 50HZ for your resolution, this may can work.

Thanks we’ll try it.

Great it worked!