Is it possible to configure display, so it would be turned upside down?

We have some hardware limitations and we would like to use display turned upside down.
I checked Display settings , but I could not find any setting, that can be used for turning display upside down.
Is it possible? If so, how and what about touch screen, does it need to be re calibrated or something?


Hi there,
With WIN CE 7.0 and Image 1.4 i tried it myself. I used the Apalis T30 and the EDT_ET070080 Display.
You just need the ColibriTweak V1.2.

Just use the “Rotate” Button until you reach the desired Rotation.
The Touchscreen Calibration still works independent from the rotation.

Best regards and good luck!

Thanks for your answer. I would like to know where in registry are these settings for rotating screen.
I tried to rotate screen with display tool, but strange things are happening. Taskbar stays at the bottom, but quick launch bar goes up. Windows are rotated, but not quite. close button is still at top… Also splash screen and desktop image are not rotated.

Is there any possibility to do transparent rotate.(everything stays the same only rotated)? Is there possibillity to do hardware rotate (change some connections to screen or sth. like that)?

Best Regards

To rotate the screen you can use the Display Tool or Colibri Tweak depending on the platform you are using. For Vybrid, please use the Vybrid Display Tool you can get here.

On Vybrid Images before 1.3 beta 1 there was an issue when rotating the screen (See also roadmap issue 13123). Just use the latest image to get rid of this issue. The latest image you get here.