Is it possible to add additional SPI chip select lines on an Apalis iMX6 + Ixora Carrier Board?

Hi all,

I am new to arm embedded linux.

It it possible to add a 2nd (or more) SPI chip select lines to one SPI interface?
The Ixora carrier board offers one SPI interface on the X27 connector with one chip select line (SPI1_CS).
since I want to connect at least two SPI slave devices I would like to have more chip select lines.
I know that I have to modify the device tree files in order to enable more chip select lines, but I do not know how.
Has somebody an example file for that purpose?
Is every GPIO (of the X27 connector) able to be used SPI chip select line or do I have to consider some kind of restrictions?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Dieter

Look at this community post for having two Spi slaves on imx6. For the device tree customization have a look here.

Thanks for your hints. I will have a look at it.