Iris / Viola multiple UART

Is there an easy way to use more than three UARTs on an “off the shelf” Colibri carrier board, if compute module supports and if other features such as i2C, SPI, or similar not required? Thinking can pinmux/device tree be used to map UART instead of the I2C on the SODIMM pins routed to the expansion connector, for example.

We have a tight deadline and I’m probably being a little lazy in asking, sorry about that, but there is no time for any custom development or research, need a demo out of door as soon as possible. Sadly evaluation boards physically too big.

I recommend checking out our pinout designer tool as a way to assess such possibilities.

The Colibri iMX7 can repurpose some pins to expose some more UART RX/TX pairs on the Iris expansion connector (X16). Also, the Colibri Vybrid would have the ability to repurpose the UART_A DSR & DTR signals the create another pair of UART RX & TX which are already connected to the RS232 transceiver on Iris X13.

So, yes it should be possible to achieve your goals.