Inverting the ENB signal on the RGB interface for EDT display

Hi folks,
I recently bought a new EDT Display (ETM0350G9EDHA) which is connected to our custom board with an Apalis Imx6Q 1GB module with Kernel-Version: toradex_4.9-2.3.x-imx. The question is how to set the LCD1_DE to active low in the device tree. Thank you.

Hi @farooq !

You can find it in

From the device tree of Apalis iMX6, we can see that we have the display-timings:

It is defined inside an &ldb node, which uses the compatible fsl,imx6q-ldb, as we can see from its definition:

According to its documentation:

We can see that there is the de-active in the display-timings that ldb uses:

So you can test the de-active field values to have LCD1_DE set to active low.

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