Internet Connection in Colibri T20

Hi ,

I am trying to connect internet in Colibri T20 through a Ethernet cable.

The Colibri T20 module is configured with the following IP configuration as shown below

And the PC IP configuration is as shown below.

I am able to ping the Colibri T20 from the PC as shown below

And I am able to ping the PC from Colibri T20 as shown below.

I am able to access internet in the PC but when i tried pinging , i get the following error.
alt text

The tegra image version is shown below.
alt text
Kindly Provide us a suitable option so that I am able to connect to the internet.

Thank you.

Could it be you are connected as well on ActiveSync the same time? Probably you are if you have a remote desktop session running. Please have a look on the following developer website entry.