Internet Browser for Apalis T30 - Linux


We need to have an internet browser running in kiosk mode in our Apalis T30 running latest BSP. What browser you suggest? The native firefox is very slow and I can’t reinstall it after removing via opkg

root@apalis-t30:~# opkg install firefox
Collected errors:
 * opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn't find anything to satisfy 'firefox'.

We tried to install chromium and epiphany but they are almost unusable due to stability. Do you have any suggestions?


No way to reinstall firefox at least?


The angstrom update feeds do not include firefox. That’s the reason you cannot install it from the feeds with opkg.

To get back firefox you could reinstall our binary image as explained here.
Or you could set up a OpenEmbedded build and then build Firefox, copy the resulting ipk(s) to the module and install your local ipk.

We deployed midori for size reasons with Colibri VF, but we discontinued due to webkit dependencies which are no longer available in OE. Other than that we have no experience with other browsers than Firefox.


An alternative solution is to use the Qt WebBrowser as part of the Boot2Qt Linux image. We created such a browser-based kiosk demo image and expect to document the image & its creation in the coming weeks. In the meantime you can reference these resources:

About Boot2Qt
Boot2Qt Yocto layer
About Qt WebBrowser

Thank you for the answer. Any news about the browser-based kiosk image?

Any news about the kiosk image?