International Language Support

Hi Toradex team,

Testing on the current WEC7 2.2 build. .netcf 3.5 installed.

The Image only has English(United States) Regional Setting. The previous Build (2.1) has multiple, including English(United Kingdom).

As I have used System.Globalization.CultureInfo("en-GB", true)
This generates a 'Platform not supported’ exception.

Is there a way to add the English(United Kingdom) Regional setting?

We dediced to remove the remove the various languages from the default image, in order to make the image smaller and therefore improve boot times. It was also not complete, so some customers hadd to add languages anyway.

Instead we created an installer to add international language support to our standard image. The details can be found in the developer page article

Add locales to an existing Windows Embedded Compact image