Internal server error :: Error (500) - Can not read file in context:


I have an iMX6 512MB IT running torizon and working with Torizon Support Extension on VSCODE.

I recently had some IT support done on my machine, and they gave me a new user ID etc.
After the support was finished, I had to log into GitHub, Docker, and other things again.
It took a while, but I managed to get my device to add again, after I remembered the best way to do this was NOT from the remote container but rather locally.

Now I have my container added and is listed under DEVICES again.

However, when I try to compile and run, I get this error:
Internal server error :: Error (500) - Can not read file in context: /workspaces/EmeraBlockEnergyBox/appconfig_0/id_rsa

I wonder if there is a quick way to get this up and running again?


Greetings @leighjboyd,

Sounds like a similar error as this user experienced: VS2019 Torizon Debug

If you see the answer it seems that the file had incorrect ownership. The customer here was able to resolve this by changing ownership to their current user.

I imagine when your IT team gave you a new user ID, and other changes it must’ve messed up the ownership on the files in your project.

Best Regards,

yes, that was is.

Glad I was able to help!