Interfacing the "PSR-40N08A05-JQ" speaker to the colibri imx6ull(V1.0B)

We want to interface the “PSR-40N08A05-JQ” speaker to the colibri imx6ull(V1.0B) which is 8 Ohms General Purpose Speaker 250mW 500Hz ~ 5kHz.So we want to make sure if this speaker is compatible with the colibri imx6ull(V1.0B) or do we have to add any supporting driver circuit for that. Will you please guide regarding this issue or provide document for the current rating of the GPIO’s of Colibri-Audio port.If colibri imx6ull(V1.0B) is not compatible to drive this speaker, will you please provide your recommended circuit to drive speaker.The datashhet of “PSR-40N08A05-JQ” speaker is attached down below.

Hi @vit1234

As mentioned in the datasheet of iMX6ULL, this SOM does not feature an audio codec on the module. However you can access all three synchronous audiointerfaces (SAI) of the i.MX6ULL Soc to connect external audio to, which can be place on your custom carrier board.

Being said that, the other low cost alternative for having analogue audio on Colibri iMX6ULL is to use MQS described in Chapter 5.16 of the Datsheet of the SoM.

For connecting a Speaker to the module, we would recommend you to use a simple switching power amplifier circuit (Class-D Amplifier).

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