Interfacing Colibri T20 with EDT 7.0" TFT WVGA with Touch

I am new to Toradex and just Ordered Colibri T20 256MB V1.2A ( along with Colibri Evaluation Board V3.1A) and EDT 7.0" TFT WVGA with Touch V1.0A.
As per the documentation, I powered on the board by connecting a LCD monitor through its VGA Port and it is working as expected. I could see the desktop with re-cycle bin ans My Device icon. However, When it is connected to the TFT WVGA Display through the Unified Interface Display Port, it is not showing anything (LCD Monitor from the VGA port removed). Can anybody suggest anything that I am missing.

If you connect the EDT Display running Windows Embedded Compact 7 (CE7) or CE 6 you should see already some output, also the resolution and backlight settings have to be adjusted to get a proper setup. Please check again if you have connected the cable the right way. You can find some instruction on our developer Website that describes the whole setup: .

Please accept the anwser as valid (if it helped you) so also other users can use this as reference.

I have this problem as well, but I don’t want to run Windows - I want to run Linux. I’m not seeing anything in the kernel event logs indicating that the device is even detected, though I could be looking in the wrong place.

I get no additional entries in /dev nor /dev/input (so no touch events nor video output). Is there some jumper fiddling I need to do? An additional kernel module I need to build?

Could you please create a new question. We have different teams working on WinCE and Linux questions and also questions are marked for either WinCE or Linux. you can still refer to this question here in your new question. Make sure you use the right tags for your new question, e.g.:
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@roman.tx - will do. I didn’t realize this question was marked WinCE. Thanks!