Interfacing Colibri iMX8X on Iris carrier with 7" display

I am trying to setup the 7" capacitive touch display (P/N: 12111001) for use with the iMX8X on the Iris carrier board v2.0A. I have a factory fresh module and have verified via the serial output that it is booting into the Toradex Easy Installer environment. I have also attached the ribbon cable between the unified display interface connector (X3) and the display, making sure to connect pin 1 on the carrier board to pin 1 on the display. However, nothing is ever displayed on the screen. I have measured the labeled test points on the display board and the voltages appear to be correct. Are there addition steps required to make this display to work?

What is a HW version of your Colibri module? Starting from V1.0B parallel display interface is fully supported and it’s Toradex Easy Installer’s default graphic interface. Please double check your FFC cable connection.
You can also verify LCD interface by connecting VGA monitor through DVI to VGA adapter like this.

My module is version 1.0B. The LCD interface works correctly when attached to a VGA monitor through the DVI to VGA adapter. Please see the attached photos with the FFC cable connection.





Cable connection looks correct. Do you have another LCD display to test?

Unfortunately, I do not. Is this a RMA issue?

Could be. Try another FFC cable. If it won’t help please fill an RMA form.

It appears that the backlight is not working. If I shine a really bright light on the screen, I can barely see the text from the Toradex Easy Installer screen.

I did a little more poking around and found that in the Toradex Easy Installer environment (2.0b2 g5adca38), the BL_ON pin is asserted low. According to the LCD datasheet, this needs to be high.

I resolved the issue by updating to Toradex Easy Installer 2.0b5 which sets BL_ON correctly.

Thanks for update.