Interface ENC624J600 or ENC28J60 Under WinCE

Am I wondered if anyone ever tried to use an one of the Ethernet Controller ENC624J600 or ENC624J600B via SPI under Windows CE? And with success?

There are many implementations for other platforms like Arduino, so technically it should work.

You can probably use our SPI, gpio and interrupt libraries to interface it, but to allow it to work inside the OS you’ll need to implement an NDIS driver and this can require quite some effort, considering also that documentation is not always clear and that you can find some reference implementations in sample BSPs, but they usually are for PCI/memory mapped devices with internal fifos/DMA etc, so may not be easy to port to a different device.
If you need it to send/receive raw ethernet packets, on the other side (ex: communicating with sensors etc.) then you can probably keep that implementation inside your application, making it much simpler to implement.
May I ask why you did not consider a USB to ethernet solution (if you need the whole network stack, of course)?

We use the Ixora carrier board and the front Ethernet is for the customer visible. PCIe slot is in use with a Ethernet card (used for EtherCAT communication). So we are missing a internal Ethernet card for communication with devices/sensors.

Looks like writing an NDIS driver is an overkill. :-/ Thanks.