Intel AX21* WiFi support on IMX8Q

I wish to add support to the kernel to enable the use of Intel AX210 and its family of chipsets. In bitbake Ive included a recipe to add the Intel WiFi firmware and added “iwlwifi.cfg” to the kernel via a separate recipe.
After following these steps I am still unable to see the interface when calling ifconfig but it is present in lspci. The Bluetooth chipset is seen and accessible as it is a standard USB interface and doesn’t require special kmods.

Has anyone else had issues enabling this support on their SOMs?
Is there documentation outlining the proper way to go about adding this support to the image?

Any feedback is appreciated,

Hey @InfinitePackets,

Can you share what carrier board you are using and what specific AX20 wifi card?

As with the other post regarding AX20, I’ll keep you updated the same as we try and discover more information.