Integrate Toradex layers with latest version of Yocto

My application has grown in size since I started off the project a few years ago so I’m looking at ways to scavange some memory.

One option I’m considering is moving to a lighter distro like Poky with a SysVInit.

I have 2 questions:

  1. Would it be possible to integrate the Toradex/Colibri layers with the latest stable Yocto release (2.7/Thud)? Or do I need to go with an older version for compatibility with Toradex layers?

  2. I remember reading that the old meta-toradex layer was broken down further into more distinct layers but I can’t seem to find that reference. Could you point me to some documentation on what the new layers are and building Poky with the new layers?

You may want to have a look at our upcoming BSP 3.0 which will be Thud based. Please note, however, that this is work in progress and some bigger adjustments are still scheduled down the line.

Well, I’m looking for something “stable” and not bleeding edge. Would you recommend an older version of Yocto that has well supported Toradex libraries?

Also, what are the layers that I now need to use for the VF50/VF61 instead of the old meta-toradex?

Then, either go with 2.7 stable based on Morty or 2.8 soon gonna be declared stable based on Rocko. More information you may find in the manifest, README or here.