Integrate Qt dll into WinCE 6 image

I developed a Qt-based application and I want to run it on a VF61 module running WinCE 6 (V1.4 beta 1 at the moment).
Which is the suggested way to deploy Qt dll files?

I know I can put the dll’s either in the same folder as my application or in the /Windows folder (maybe other options are available, I don’t know).
Are there advantages or disadvantages with the several approaches (in terms of boot time, overall performance, …)?

To do this you will need

VS2008 + platform builder + BSP and Workspace we provide on our web →

After you have all this you can use this link to see how to integrate files into image →

I would prefer to integrate DLLs to image as it will decrease loading time of your application quite a bit.

I see this is a task that requires some time and some preliminary investigation.
I have VS2008 + platform builder and I can download BSP and Workspace.
I think I’m going to try this approach in some weeks

After a lot of time it’s time to integrate Qt dll into CE 6 image, and optimize this image as much as possible excluding what I don’t need.
I have VS2008 + platform builder installed.
I downloaded Toradex BSP + Workspace.

First question: where should I extract and save BSP and Workspace on my hard drive?

So put BSP (COLIBRIVYBRIDBIN) to c:\WINCE600\platfrom and OSDesign to c:\WINCE600\OSDesign

Open VS2005 and select File → Open → Project / solution and select *.pbxml file inside OSDesign. You should not get any warnings or errors. If you do please paste screenshot here.

Then select “Release” as build type so it will build correct image. After that do clean sysgen on the image to build it.

Hi @luka.tx

I followed the steps you suggested but I get error on WINCEROOT not been set:

How should I set this parameter?
Should I change it if I want to build different OS (CE6, WEC7)?

what combination of OS, Visual studio and Platform builder do you have installed?

Win 7 SP1 + VS2008 + WEC7 Platform builder

I will assume Windows T is Windows 7 :slight_smile:

Can you send me tree structure from C drive where all this WINCE files and folder are

I created C:\WINCE600 and C:\WINCE700 folders manually.
I extracted BPS and workspace from Toradex.
No other files or subfolders inside .

when you installed WEC7 it created WINCE700 folders right?

So put BSP (COLIBRIVYBRIDBIN) to c:\WINCE700\platfrom and OSDesign to c:\WINCE700\OSDesign

What else do you have inside WINCE700?

My instructions up there are for CE6 but you have WEC7

when you installed WEC7 it created WINCE700 folders right?

No, it didn’t.

Probably I did something wrong.

I’m going to reinstall it here are some screenshots.


Should I select one (or more) of these architectures?

I cant really see the images. ARM V7 is what you want. Also common and private part

Select V7 and shared source

Should I create an “offline layout” too?

yes. I think it does not really influence anything but just to be sure we have same setup.

I tried to install, but I have a problem with two packages:

  • Shared source: cannot be downloaded. It is the same issue described here. I can’t find any way to solve it
  • Embedded Silverlight Tool: The package ‘Windows Embedded Silverlight Tools Update 7’ encountered the following error

I installed the other packages and now C:\WINCE700 has been created, with the following folders below:

  • others
  • platform
  • public
  • sdk

So put BSP (COLIBRIVYBRIDBIN) to c:\WINCE700\platfrom and OSDesign to c:\WINCE700\OSDesign

and it should open

Hi @luka.tx

the project opens and I see the file tree in solution explorer.

I see that Subprojects >> ToradexFiles.pbpxml has a “warning” icon.

Double-clicking over it shows a popup message “The item ‘ToradexFiles.pbpxml’ does not exist.”

Is this an expected behavior?

One more thing: I successfully built the configurations “Colibri Vybrid WEC7 Checked” and “Colibri Vybrid WEC7 Release” without modifying anything.

I would have expected to produce exactly the same nk7.bin as it is included in Vybrid WinCE Image 1.5.

But this is not the case; the produced nk.bin is a little bit larger than the one included in the above .zip file.

Is this expected?

You can ignore ToradexFiles.

Maybe you have a bit different update level or a bit different compiler version. I think image you get is OK. I also test every release building this on a bit different version and never had issues.