Integrate Qt 5.15 in Toradex Multimedia Reference image


I’m currently building a custom Yocto image based on tdx-reference-multimedia.

I’ve added some custom elements…and after all everything work fine !

But, now I’m experiencing an issue with the QML application we’ve developped.
It appears that some components are buggy with Qt.514 and it has been fixed in Qt 5.15.

Is it possible to modify the manifest in order to integrate Qt 5.15 instead of 5.14 ?
Has it already been tested in Toradex dev builds ?



The meta-qt5 layer should include 5.15. And yes it tested.

Some useful links:

Hi @karim , as @alex.tx says, just pull the latest meta-qt5. It can work with our Linux BSP 5.x.

$ rm -rf meta-qt5
$ git clone

Hello, I have tested this by replacing inside manifest :
this line :

<project name="meta-qt5.git" path="layers/meta-qt5" remote="githq" revision="0d8eb956015acdea7e77cd6672d08dce18061510" upstream="dunfell"/>

with this line :

<project name="meta-qt5.git" path="layers/meta-qt5" remote="githq" revision="a2882fecc96019781880c38fc6a81a9b71c944ad" upstream="master"/>

And after bitbake -k , Qt is now 5.15.2 and it works well. No compilation/integration error.

I have built on colibri imx8x , but I guess that it is the same for the apalis.

I built it based on “colibri imx6” and it worked fine.