Instructions for console-tdx type image from BSP 5.0

I need to evaluate BSP 5.0 but I cannot have Wayland in the resulting image,

I just need EGLFS support.

So far I can’t even get bitbake to start since it says it can’t find tdx-xwayland… let along get a console-only image started. Do you have any suggestions?

Keyword: tdx-reference-minimal-image

Thanks… other question: what is the easiest way to get rid of connman?

Spectacular! Much better than hacking recipes…

You are very welcome.

That depends whether you are talking downstream or upstream:

One more question: If i want to change some kernel config options permanently, which defconfig file do I patch for BSP 5.0 for the Apalis i.MX6? I thought I knew. I don’ t really want to have to make menuconfig inside devshell every time I make a new tree… thanks

The name change tripped me up. Thanks!

You are very welcome.