Installing linux on VF50 when windows compact is already installed

Hello all,

I have VF50 module and I want to install linux on it. But the problem is, windows embedded compact is already installed on it. How do I format it first and then install linux.?

Please have a look at the following article on our developer website.

Thanks Marcel. The article you pointed out says flashing using EBoot. As far as I know, EBoot is used in case of WinCE and UBoot is used for linux. Shouldn’t I refer to article with flashing using UBoot.?. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Since WinCE is present on the module, Eboot would be present. The link demonstrates the process of flashing u-boot from inside Eboot. With WinCE/Eboot present, you would either flash u-boot from inside Eboot or put the module in recovery mode, download u-boot to RAM and then flash u-boot and Linux to NAND from there as described here. You may follow either of the two procedures.

Okay. Now I got it. Thank You