Installing Easy installer from USB thumb drive


We want to install Easy installer (Tezi) through USB Thumb drive not from OTG. Has anyone performed this?

We tried below steps

*) Executing “bmode_usb” command from active/running linux image present which prompts to reboot.

*) Connected USB thumb drive (Drive is FAT32, with file mentioned below)

*) Executed reboot command, wait for system to halt

*) Pressing reset button

Files present in Drive (copied from Colibri-iMX6_ToradexEasyInstaller_1.8-20181019)

*) Boot.scr

*) tezi.itb

*) tezi.png

*) SPL

*) u-boot.img

*) image.json

*) Linux image to be installed (V5.2.0)

Unable to boot this device or run easy installer.

(Note: The only way we are flashing image is by downloading easy installer through and OTG)

Hi @Gowthami,

I am having confusion regarding your question.

Do you want to flash Toradex Easy installer (your title says so) to your iMX6DL or you want to flash the image (BSP 5.0)?.

I guess you want to flash the image by booting Toradex Easy Installer from SD card/Pen drive.

I can point out few things in the steps you followed.

After executing bmode usb, it says “resetting” and does not ask you to reset the board. After this command the board enters into recovery mode and you can run linux-recovery.bat file from your linux host which transfers Toradex Easy installer into modules RAM and boot from it. So dont do a hardware reset.
But anyways you don’t need to perform these steps as you already have a working u-boot and want to boot Toradex Easy Installer from an SD card.

Here are the steps that you need to follow

  1. Copy Toradex Easy Installer ( use 2.0b6) and the image you want to flash to your SDcard/Pendrive
  2. Reset or power cycle your board and stop at u-boot
  3. Take help from this article for distroboot cmd help. I used “run bootcmd_usb0” and it successfully booted Toradex Easy installed from USB.
  4. Toradex easy installer window will open on your display and you would be able to see the images kept in your SDCard/Pendrive.
  5. You can install you images now

Let me know if you are still stuck after following these steps

Hello @sahil.tx

You are correct. We need to flash image while booting easy installer from thumb drive. But one more thing to add here is we don`t want to enter any additional command in U-boot or go to U-boot prompt in the first place.

We need to update OS without any manual intervention (i.e Input from keyboard or Mouse).

Hi @Gowthami,

New Col iMX6DL modules come with the Toradex Easy Installer image preinstalled. In this case, you just copy the image you want to flash to your SD card/Pendrive and modify the image.json file inside your image as follows.

“autoinstall”: true,

A detailed explanation is given on our Toradex Easy Installer page

Hello @sahil.tx

Thank you for the quick reply.

I think that you are not understanding my query. We would like to install the easy installer to the device from USB or SD card without using the OTG cable and HOST machine.

Our Requirement is to update the OS Image using easy installer in the customer’s place and Both Easy installer and new OS Image should be load from USB only and it should be one shot job.

Hi @Gowthami,

You need to manually load Toradex Easy Installer.

Hello @sahil.tx

We are installing the Easy Installer as Downloads & Installers | Toradex Developer Center but the above article says that easy installer only installed using OTG cable and the host computer.

But As for our Requirement we dont want to use the host computer and OTG cable in the customer place for installing.

Is there any option to install Easy installer without using otg and host computer ?

Quick Reply is Appreciated.

Hi @Gowthami ,

You can change the boot order so that it boots from USB first.

Colibri iMX6 # setenv boot_targets usb0 mmc1 mmc0 dhcp
Colibri iMX6 # saveenv

In this way, it will boot Toradex Easy Installer kept at USB drive. But still you need to configure it once.

Hello @sahil.tx

Thank you.

Above boot arguments working fine.
A point to be added here is that the thumb drive should be Bootable.

Hi @Gowthami,

Nice that your issue is solved

For your other point, It simply worked for me without making the thumb drive bootable.