Install Ubuntu packages on your OS using apt-get


I bought two Apalis iMX6 modules.
I’m new with Linux.
Most of the packages that I need to install on module (like aircrack-ng, cpulimit-ng) can not be found on the repository of your embedded linux. It seems that you haven’t developed enough software to be installed by OPKG.
I was wondering if there is any way to use APT-GET package manager to use UBUNTU repository and install the packages that are available for ubuntu?

I know that I can install the packages from source code but using this method I need to install all libraries required for that packages one by one from source code that taking lots of time.


Hi Asad,

It is of course technically possible to build ‘apt’ for use with our images; however, it will not be of much value. Simply pointing the package manager to the Ubuntu repositories will not allow it to install these packages. First of all, the packages must be built for the same architecture as the target device. Secondly, they must be built on a compatible library stack in order to function correctly.

A more appropriate method of obtaining these packages would be to build them using a build system such as OpenEmbedded-Core/Yocto Project. Use of such a build system would also help you resolve all dependencies necessary for use on the Toradex Linux image. I see that there is a recipe for ‘aircrack-ng’ listed on the OE-Core layers index; although I did not notice any recipes which provide ‘cpulimit-ng’. Another utility may be available to serve this function.

[Edit: the ‘aircrack-ng’ recipe is only available in the ‘meta-security’ layer branch of the latest (Jethro) release of Yocto, so this recipe will not be compatible with our images until our next image release (V2.6)]

I recently gave a webinar on the topic of building embedded Linux images using the Yocto Project. A recording of this webinar should be available soon. I’d recommend having a look.