Install the standalone qt on toradex apalis

Hi all i have got a new toradex apalis imx8 board along with a touch screen lcd of 15 inches, I want to install qt on the apalis without any os like linux running on it , how can I do it , any thoughts please share.


QT is a multiplatform framework and can be run on top of many OSes. But it’s not designed to be used without some underlaying OS. Please check QT documentation for more details.

That’s not 100% correct. There is already a Qt project called Qt for MCUs, which is afaik the only possibility to get Qt running on an embedded device without a OS.

Design & Develop for Embedded Microcontrollers | IDE Software | Qt

Thankyou Andi
Do we need a licensed qt or we can go with the free opensource version of qt is there any possibilities kindly let me know.

Thankyou Alex for the suggestion.

Hello Nagaraj,

good question. I think you need a license as Qt for MCUs doesn’t seem to be included in the open source part of Qt. But they do offer a trial version for testing.

I am definitely the wrong person to ask for more detailed questions, as I have no experience with this version of Qt :sweat_smile:

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Thankyou Aandi for the suggestion.

Where can i get this trial version any links available.