Install mono failed with opkg

Hi, I tried to install mono like this

opkg update
opkg install mono

but I have this error:

Collected errors:
 opkg_prepare_url_for_install: Couldn`t find anything to satisfy 'mono'

I just flashed it with Colibri-VF-LXDE-Image-2.7.4 , and what is curious is that before I had image 2.5 and mono works.

Do you have any idea about this?


It’s probably just not part of any such binary angstrom distribution feed. You might be able to resurrect the previous one by altering the opkg configuration (/etc/opkg). Alternatively just build a custom image with whatever you desire as explained in the following article on our developer website.

ok, I tried to resurrect the previous opkg configuration but didn´t work. I also tried with a Colibri module imx7 with linux image 2.7 and failed too. I follow this article but can´t install mono in vf61 or imx7 with the last image available from Toradex. I don´t want to beuild a custom image, coul you help me with the opkg way? thanks

We rely on the Ångström Feeds, and it seems that the feeds used with the latest 2.7 series (v2016.12) does not provide mono. So there is no way to get mono using feeds, I am sorry.