Install gui on torizon

How do you get the gui to load in torizon? tried to follow the guide on youtube but cannot find package python3-pyside2.qtgui. Although on this video there is already a gui so think that is something else. Limited experience with Linux

Greetings @stephenh,

I assume you’re referring to the following video:

The GUI you see in this video when the python packages are being installed is actually a development PC connected to the Torizon device over serial.

The how-to written guide that the video was based off of is available here:

It is important to remember that for installing packages using a package manager you want to be in a container system that allows for it. The following command (also listed in the documentation above) will put you in a Debian based container with a suitable package manager:

docker run -it --privileged \
                -v /dev:/dev debian:buster /bin/bash

You’ll know you’re in the container as opposed to the base system when you’re terminal prompt is preceded by root@1234567 instead of root@apalis-imx6-1234567. Also there is now Torizon related documentation ( published on our developer site.

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